Saturday, December 12, 2015

10/5 Transfers!!

Holy cow these transfers were the craziest things ever!  So many changes in the mission.  President has felt inspired to reduce the number of zones in the mission from 15 to 9, which means that there are now 12 less zone leaders in the mission.  This means that many zones were combined, and wow, the zone leaders are going to have a lot more work now.  I went to drop off Elder Coello at the mission home Thursday morning and President Zobrist pulled me aside and told me, "Elder Matheson, we have a missionary here in the mission who is really having a hard time.  He came on his mission a year ago, and went home early, but has recently come back.  So far, he has had a hard time working and staying obedient.  I was thinking, who can help Elder Jenkins?  The only person I could think of was Elder Matheson." new companion is Elder Jenkins!  He's actually relaly cool, just needs a little more love, a chance to work hard.  Our zone (Manuel Prado) was combined with Elder Wagner's zone (Selva Alegre), and Elder Wagner and Elder Nichols are our new zone leaders.  Which means I am no longer a zone leader, but will be a district leader.  The funny thing is, with the new organization of the zones and districts, m district is basically the zone from last transfer haha.  I think a lot of people would have problems getting "sent down" from zone leader, but all I could think of was President Uchtdorf's talk when he said, "in the gospel ther is not up or down, just forward and back."  I am super excited to be able to be a district leader again after being zone leader, I have a much better idea of how to carry out that responsibility a whole lot better, and I am super excited to finally be together with Elder Wagner in the same zone!

Ok, a little more on Elder Jenkins, he's like 6'6" and has size 16 shoes.  He is from California (a tiny town from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, a little south of Sacramento) and he is an Olympic caliber swimmer in the breaststroke.  He says there's a good chance he could qualify for the 2020 games.  He's kind of awkward, but we can make this work.  He seems very moldable, so we'll see wha happens.

General conference was awesome!  One of the new apostles, Elder Stevenson, actually visited our mission a month ago, when he was still the presiding Bishop of the church.  I shook his hand before he was an apostle, so I guess that makes me hipster because I knew him before he was famous.  No surprise with Elder Rasband, and Elder Renlund is super awesome also.  He gave the "latter-day hypocrite" talk last conference.  Loved all the talks, and I have started ponderizing my first scripture (D&C 67:10).  For my personal study these last few days, I have decided to go to the topical guide and look up every single scriptural reference to Jesus Christ.  There are 12 whole pages of scripture references, so it might take a few weeks, but it has already been an awesome experience.

There was a 6.0 magnitude earthquake here yesterday in Arequipa.  Not strong enough to do any damage, but we definitely felt it!

Well, that's it from me...have a good one!

-Elder Matheson

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