Wednesday, December 23, 2015

10/19 Interesting week

So, this was a pretty interesting week! After writing last week, we headed over to the institute building to play soccer, ultimate frisbess, and ping pong. It was all a blast, and we ended up dominating in ultimate frisbee (elder wagner and i were on the same team, what could be expected?). We went back to our room a little early to finish doing our laundry, and as i was paying the taxi driver, I heard this big crash and turned around to see Elder Jenkins on the ground outside the taxi. What happened was that we had foolishly decided to take a tico (a tiny little car that everyone has here) and my comp´s freakishly large size 16 shoe got caught under the seat and he slipped with his other foot while trying to get out of the car, so he fell and really jacked up his ankle. We had to cancel the family home evenings and go to the hospital. Not broken, but it is possible that he might have a torn a ligament in his ankle. In any case, Elder Jenkins has been out of comission for like a week now. I have only been able to leave to work if I can find someone to stay with my comp and someone to go out on splits with me. The result has been a rather slow week, but we have seen a lot of miracles!
Alvaro is getting baptized this week. He has permision from his parents and his baptismal interview has been set for Tuesday. He is super excited and has even been coming to church in a suit the last 2 sundays. He´s been reading the scriptures and is keeping the commandments. Probably one of the best investigators I have had on my mission so far. He´s 17, and I feel like he´ll be a missionary one day.
We found 2 new investigators this week, Nohemi and Brian. Brian came to church last sunday with his uncle, and we had to the chance to teach him and also his cousin, Nohemi. They are both really awesome, and Brian even found a BoM in his house and read almost all of 1 Nephi before we had even taught him. They both accpeted a baptism date in the first lesson, for the 14th of November, and committed to go to church again. Only Brian came, because Nohemi got called in to work at the last second, but she´ll go next Sunday. 
All in all, it hasnt been a terrible week. Because Elder Jenkins cant leave, he recieved authorization from President to watch a Disney movie a day to avoid mind numbing boredom. So we have been watching Disney movies together when we havent been able to leave. Still, doing nothing all day is super super terrible. I dont know how I ever did that before haha. 
Well, continue to pray for my comp and a speedy recovery. Have a good week! The gospel is true. 
Elder Matheson

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