Wednesday, December 23, 2015

10/26 Baptism

This has been a rough week, with one bright spot, which was Alvaro`s baptism! The service went well, and he even got his family to come. His fam loved the baptism, and we actually able to talk to them for a while after the baptism and they invited us over for a family home evening tonight, which is really cool because none of them are members. They seem to be pretty interested in what their son has gotten into, so we could see some real progress in the family as well. Alvaro is super awesome, and we ended up going to our stake conference here. It was actually a regional conference that they broadcast to all of Peru and Bolivia, featuring speakers from the Seventy and Elder Andersen as well. Did you know that Elder Andersen speaks Spanish? He speaks Portuguese and French as well (his spanish is terrible, but he gets his point across). They were talking so much about temples and the plan of salvation and covenants that we were all sure that they were going to announce something about the temple here in Arequipa, but nope. I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer.
Well, Elder Jenkins is still hurt so it’s been hard to get out and work. I think we are both a little discouraged, and more than anything, just really bored haha. I have been able to leave to teach a few lessons here and there, but it hasnt been what I have wanted. I didnt come on my mission to stay in my room all day. I just really want things to go back to normal, because in all honesty, these last few weeks have been quite a trial. Just super frustrating. Oh well, things will get better! 
In other news, 9 months remaining in my mission. CRAZY. 
Well, hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Matheson

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