Wednesday, December 23, 2015

11/23 Craziest Week Ever

Ok, well get ready for a good one folks. We'll start with the events of last P-Day-- Elder Jenkins and I went and bought stuff to make grilled cheese sandwiches and M&M cookies, and enjoyed a delicious day together. Watched Hercules with my district and everything. Then, later that night, President called us and told us that after much prayer, he has decided that Elder Jenkins needed to go home. We didnt know when, but we knew that he was going to be going home. We went on with business as usual until Thursday morning, when president called us again and told us that Elder Jenkins's flight would be leaving later that day. So he packed up his stuff and we shipped him off to the mission home. President told me that I would be with a temporary companion until December, when my new comp (who had gone home a few months earlier for his leg) came back to the mission. Well, that was the plan... until President came to our stake conference on saturday night, and informed me that the zone leader in Moquegua had gone home for health and that he would be sending me there to be the zone leader with my new companion, Elder Evans. So, long story short, I am no longer in Alto Misti. I am now the zone leader in Moquegua with Elder Evans, in area Chen Chen. I am super excited because I know Elder Evans and he is super awesome and we are going to work super hard together. The zone comprises Moquegua and Ilo, 2 cities about 5 hours south of Arequipa. We have about 30 missionaries in the zone (with Elder Coello we only had 12). Pray for our success!
Well, dont really know what else to say. It was a crazy week! I was able to be in a trio with Elder Wagner and Elder Nicholls for a few days, and we had a blast together. I am really going to miss my area and the people and everything, but the Lord needs me here in Moquegua! Oh, just a few things about the area-- it is a freaking oven. a hot, humid oven. It is called "the land of avacado," becuase they grow a ton of it here and it is super good and super cheap. The people are super friendly also. I'll have more info next week for you guys! 

Elder Matheson

Saying goodbye in Alto Misti

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