Wednesday, December 23, 2015

11/2 Happy Halloween

Well, this week went by pretty fast! I was actually able to get out and work a little bit this week, which was awesome! I felt like a real missionary again haha. Elder Jenkins is not getting any better. In fact, he is getting worse. As much as I want him to stay, I really dont think this is something that is going to be fixed anytime soon. We had to go back for more X-Rays, and there has been talk of getting a cast on his ankle. So, we´ll see how this week goes. 
We were able to teach Alvaro´s family this week, and I think it went pretty well. Alvaro´s dad (also named Alvaro) wasnt there. I guess he works 21 days in a mine outside of Arequipa and is only here one week every month. But, the lesson went really well with Patricia and Sandra (mom and sister), and they even came to church yesterday, which was awesome, even if it was only for sacrament meeting. We didnt think they were going to come because we went to get them half an hour before church starts and they were all asleep, but they ended up walking in together 5 minutes after the meeting started so it all turned out ok. We wont be able to teach them this week because they said they are going to be super busy with something for their daughter, but we have an appointment for next week. 
We have another investigator named Brian (i think i told you guys about him last week) who is progressing really really well. In the 3 weeks we have been meeting with him, he has read through Alma in the Book of Mormon. He should be getting baptized next week. That is, if he doesnt move. I guess his mom wants to move to Ica, which isnt even in our mission, and it might be happening super soon. He really doesnt want to move becuase he just started his university classes here in Arequipa, so he was telling us that he is probably just going to rent a room here so he can keep studying, so it might turn out ok. Keep praying for him! 
Well, thats all I got for this week! Hope its a good one for you guys, and happy late Halloween!

Elder Matheson

Elder Matheson - The Pancake Chef

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