Friday, July 8, 2016

7/2 Changing of the Guard

Well this was quite the week for us!!! President Zobrist is now at home, are we are now with President Johnson. It was definitely weird to say goodbye to President Zobrist. After 23 months with the same president, that can be expected though. The good news is that even though we miss him a lot, I'll him in like a month so no worries there. 

This was a crazy week. We basically went running around all over the place with President Johnson just doing our best to make sure everything was going well. They are very, VERY excited to be here haha. He has a vision for this mission that involves baptizing a lot more people than we are right now. He told a story about he and his companion in his mission went to open an area that hadnt had a baptism in over 3 years. They set the goal to baptize 25 people in the first month they were there. After a number of miracles occured, they baptized the 25th person on the last day of the month. Then they decided, well, if we can baptize 25 in a month, then why not 50? So the next month they baptized 54 (as a companionship mind you). Then they said, if we can baptize 50, why not 100? So the baptized 107 people the next month. And finally, if we can baptize 100, why not 200? So long story short, they ended up baptizing A LOT of people and he knows we can do the same here. They really are super awesome and we love them already. The only problem is they dont really speak Spanish, so I have been translating for them this week. They'll pick it up though.

Some fun facts about them, they both went to the U, love to ride horses, and are both Diet Coke addicts. Sounds like mom and dad will get along great with them :)

Our investigators are doing well. Arturo and Leslie are coming along really nicely. Arturo wants to get baptized, as well as their daughter, but Leslie is having a real hard time letting go of her Catholic traditions. She says she needs more time to make a choice. Its frustrating for us because I know she knows its true. She has felt it so much. She just needs to make a choice!!! 

Anyways, that was our week. This one will be equally brutal. We have interviews every day of the week, and on top of that we have MLC. I havent even had time to think about anything else but the work, and I wouldnt have it any other way. But hey, it's July, so I guess I can say see you this month!

Love you all!

Elder Matheson 

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