Friday, July 8, 2016

5/14 Por fin me mordieron

Hello family! Happy belated Mother's Day to all the moms out there! It was good to see those of you I saw on Sunday, and it's always a blessing to talk to the fam. It was a pretty week, but it was a busy one. The first week of the transfer is always busy, and this one happened to include missionary leadership council also. Translatation: we have had a total of 6 hours in our area this week. We really have to use our time super wisely if we want to have any kind of success in our proselyting zone. And honestly, we probably shouldn't have left the office so early yesterday because next week we have zone conferences and we still havent prepared hardly anything, but I guess we'll just kind of see how things go haha. We still have a few hours on Monday to get ready before we have to leave. 
Peggy continues to do well. We only had chance to talk to her for like 15 minutes last night at like 9pm before we had to go back to our room, but she said she loved going to church, and the talks really inspired her. She also said that her boss (whom she hates) got fired after she went to church so the Church must be true haha. We really feel like she can progress, but we just need a way to teach her when her husband isnt there, which actually kind of happened. I know it sounds bad, but we sat down and I kind of said a prayer that something would happen so that Jimmy, her husband, would leave. 2 minutes later he got a really important call from someone and had to leave, so prayer answered? Maybe. Peggy is going to come to our ward talent show today and is probably going to go to church again on Sunday. 

So, as my title says, they finally got to me. After 21 months here in this country, last night I was finally bitten by a dog! It actually kind of funny how it happened, and kind of ironic that it happened in this area. After spending my whole mission in the ghetto of Peru, where there are all sorts of dogs, I got bit by one in a place where there are hardly any dogs. But anyways, we were leaving Peggy's house and a couple of dogs who are also there and who are always super friendly came over, as they always do, to say hi. I guess one of them was in a bad mood becuase it came over and just tried to take a bite out of my leg. I dont know how, but it bit through my pants, through my socks, but didnt touch my actually leg at all. I was like, what the heck just happened?! And then that same dog walked a few steps ahead where Elder Blanco was and did the same thing to him. So we both got bit by the same dog in a span of like 2 seconds. Kind of cool that we weren't hurt! 
Anyways, next week is a busy one, we have a ton of conferences and divisions and are going to be traveling a ton. Hope you guys have a great week! 

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