Friday, July 8, 2016

5/28 Back to the Stompin Grounds

Hello everyone! 

Another week in the bags. Yesterday we were at lunch with President Zobrist planning out the month of June and he looked at his agenda and then at us and just said, "man, these pages just keep on flipping." Pretty much sums up how I feel right now. I saw Elder Larsen this week during the zone conference and he informed me that we have 9 weeks left. Dang. Single digits!!!! Where the heck did the time go. It just seems like every day seems to go by faster and faster, and the weeks even worse. It seems like just yesterday that I left with Elder Wagner to go to the MTC, but it was almost 22 months ago. Anyways, I am excited for what the next 9 weeks will bring for us. After planning out this next month with President, it is going to be a busy one. More zone conferences, leadership council, farewell meetings with the missionaries that are going, training the new missionaries, new mission president. And for my last month... holy cow, its going to be crazy haha. Meet the president tour, interviews, leadership council... and then its all over. 

We had a zone conference in Camana this week, so Elder Blanco and I went down a day early to go on splits with the zone leaders. President actually told us to just split up and have me go by myself to Pedregal and Elder Blanco to Camana. So I had Pancho (a guy who works for the mission) drop me off where the minivans go off to Pedgregal and I hitched a ride by myself for 2 hours to Pedregal. Then walked across town by myself to the zone leaders room. Yes, it felt weird, but I did get to watch Captain Phillips in the minivan, which was a plus (I didnt get to the part where the Navy SEALS take out the pirates though). It was cool to be in Pedregal again though. We actually went and taught some of my converts (still active, whooo!!!) and they are doing super well. Jose Abanto bore his testimony about how the Book of Mormon and the gospel changed his life. He suffered an accident a few months before meeting us and couldnt walk or work (he still cant, and its been over a year). He told us how sad he was and how lonely he always felt (he's 74 years old). He asked God how He could let something like that happen to him. Then he got the Book of Mormon and heard the message of the Gospel and he said the loneliness has never returned, that he is so happy now. Then, with tears in his eyes, said "I am so grateful I had my accident, because now I have the truth in my life." It was a sweet experience, and those are the moments that make your mission worth it. 

We have found a few new investigators this week, but I dont know what their deal is because they dont seem to understand a word we say. I guess we need to have more patience and teach to their level. But they are really good people and they could progress. Yesterday we went to the chapel to have a meeting with our ward mission leader and we came in and this lady with her daughter were sitting outside and we went and said hi to her and started talking and it turns out she isnt a member of the church. So we got an appointment with her for later today, so we'll see how things go. 

Well, that was my week. We have leadership council this week. Wish us luck! 

Elder Matheson 

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