Sunday, August 30, 2015

8/10 Generic Title

So, we had a baptism this week! Carmen got baptized, and surprisingly, she asked me to do it. I was almost 100% certain that her husband would perform the baptism, but nope, she wanted me to do it. It was a super spiritual experience. The water heater for the font didnt work, and the water in Arequipa is FREEZING. No joke, probably 40 degrees. I couldnt feel my legs haha. Poor Carmen. But afterwards, she told us that she didnt even feel the cold. We were able to bring a lot of less actives to the baptism also. We are having some troubles with the investigators, but we are working a with a ton of less active members, and are having a lot of success with them. In the end, the goal of missionary work is to create eternal families, and sometimes we have to work with people who already a little farther along in the path. 

Erica, the girl who wants to get baptized immediately, had a lot of problems this week. She lives with her older sister, and the relationship isnt very good. The fight all the time, and her older sister likes to go out and drink and party and what not, and often leaves Erica (she is 14) to watch her 2 kids. It got so bad this week that Erica had decided to go and live with her mom, but i guess that wasnt a good option either, because her mom didnt really want her to go live with her. She isnt married and her boyfriend i guess is a jerk to Erica. We ended up talking to her for like 2 hours yesterday, and she finally decided to stay with her sister to try and be an example and help her. She is really super mature for her age, and the amount of responsiblilty that she has on her shoulders for being 14 years old is astounding. I really have a lot of respect for her. We will see how things go with her this week and if she continues progressing towards baptism. 

THIS WEEK I WILL OFFICIALLY COMPLETE 1 YEAR IN THE MISSION. Can hardly believe it. Time is flying by. This transfer only has 2 weeks left in it. WOW.

Elder Ulceda, the area president and member of the first quorum of the seventy, is coming to visit us this week. Apparantly he likes to burn missionaries, which is great, because in addition to having a conference with all the missionaries, he wants to meet with all the zone leaders in the mission home, where our screams for mercy cant be heard. If I dont survive this week, its because I was burned alive by the spirit of an general authority. Pray for me haha.

Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Matheson 

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