Sunday, August 30, 2015

7/6 What a week

Well, let me start with the big news of the week.  Saturday night we were in our room and we got a call from the mission president.  Elder Cerezo's father suffered a major stroke and is in a coma on life support.  After praying and fasting, Elder Cerezo decided that he needed to go home.  He needs treatment for his leg, so he will go home for a month to be with his family and get treatment for his leg, and then return to the mission.  he has handled the situation very maturely and only expressed his gratefulness for his knowledge of the plan of salvation.  Keep him in your prayers!

We had been fasting for success in our area, and, as it almost always seems to happen like this when we fast, nobody that we are teaching came to church.  We were disappointed.  That night, Arturo (an investigator from a long time ago that we are teaching again) came to the farewell meeting of one of the missionaries in our branch that is finishing her mission this week.  He had been unable to get baptized because he was working in the mines and only comes home every 20 days.  I don't know how he knew that there was this activity in the church, but he came and told us that he has a new job now and that he won't be traveling.  So long story short, our payers were answered and we should have a baptism this week.

That's all from me, have a great week!
Elder Matheson

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