Sunday, August 30, 2015

7/20 Fastest week ever

Well, this was quite a busy week! All the zone leaders and sister leaders had a 2 day conference with president zobrist in the mission home, and lets just say there are a lot of really nice perks of being a zone leader. they rent a super nice soccer field with artificial grass and let us play there for a few hours, eat wherever we want to (100% reimbursable, thanks for your tithing) and then we eat in the mission home. we had some real american barbeque burgers, which is something i have not had in a while (like 11 and half months) and then enjoy a spirit filled conference for 2 days. Not too shabby. We all ate and were filled physically and spiritually. President talked a lot about family history and just how important the work is. In the end, what we are doing every day with the investigators and less actives we are teaching is the same thing we do in family history work. Its interesting, because in D&C 2 it talks about how Elijah will restore the priesthood keys to Joseph Smith, and that if that were not the case, the whole earth would be "utterly wasted at His coming." President talked about how the whole purpose of this earth is to create eternal families, and if we didnt the priesthood and the sealing ordinances, this whole mortal experience would essentially be a waste. So we are going to be teaching hardcore family history to get these people ready for the temple in Arequipa. 

Our investigators are pretty good. We are teaching a number of people, but their progress is slow. We are kind of in a searching process right now. We are leaving behind a bunch of investigators that arent really progressing, and looking and looking and looking for new people that want to progress. To help with that, my comp and I have decided that we are going to schedule like 6 family home evenings every monday with part member families and active members and ask them to invite their friends. We will see how things play out.

My area is very very different from Pedregal. Pedregal was all farmland, super quite, and super laid back. Alto Misti is the city, and everyone always seems to be in a hurry. The area isnt nearly as big as Pedregal, but it is super nice. After being in super impoverished areas for the first almost year of my mission, I am in an area where the people have money. Everyone has internet, a car, nice houses-- its a lot like the States actually. But still, no carpet in the houses :( 

That was my week, have a good one all!

Elder Matheson

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