Sunday, August 30, 2015

7/13 The craziest week of my life

Ok, this has been like the craziest week ever. I am exhausted haha. So this is what happened. Monday after writing you guys, President Zobrist called us and told us that he was going to close our area and that I would have a transfer. I had a week to make sure my area was in tip top shape for the other missionaries that would be taking over our investigators and what not. We had 6 missionaries in Pedregal, but now we have 4, so they split my area and gave half to the Elders and half to the sisters. So I was already going to have a hectic week showing my area to other missionaries and what not. But then on Wednesday at 730 pm, the APs called us and told us that I needed to pack up my things and leave first thing the next day to go to my new area, because my new companions companion finished his mission and he also didnt have a companion. So i said goodbye to the members, packed up my things, and first thing Thursday (6am) I got on a bus to Arequipa to go to my new area, Alto Misti. I am in the Manuel Prado zone with my companion Elder Coello, and we are the zone leaders here. Basically, we are in charge of all the temporal needs of the missionaries, and when every single companionship has a transfer and they close 2 areas in your zone, there are a lot of temporal matters to attend to. But, my new area is awesome, and the ward is super awesome also. My companion goes home in 12 weeks and is super excited to work hard to finish his mission, so we should have a lot of success. in the last few days, we placed 2 baptism dates for the coming weeks. 

So that is what happened this week. I will keep you guys up to date on all the stuff that will be going on. Love you all!
Elder Matheson
new companion

nasty soccer turf burn..

our room condition when we arrived...don't worry we cleaned it!

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