Sunday, August 30, 2015

7/27 Kind of half way/Spartan missionaries

So, this week marks the kind of half way point for me! Yes, that´s right, one year from now I will be done with my mission. It really is crazy to think how fast time flies. I am excited to get back and see all the people and do all the things I havent been able to do for the last year, but I am super grateful that I still have another year to do things that I will never be able to do again. Our time here in the mission (and in life, for that matter) is so incredibly short, and if we dont take advantage of every second, it will pass us by. Life is happy in the service of our God!

It was a very normal week here in Arequipa. Almost nothing interesting happened. Just.. normal. One of the sisters in our zone had an emergency transfer, but they were in a trio so it was kind of expected. Being in a trio is pretty much the mission hot seat, because if something happens in another companionship, boom, you´re gone. And that is exactly what happened here. One sister in the mission got sent home, and they shipped Sister Guzman out immediately. Our zone is super cool though, there arent any trouble makers, which makes our job as zone leaders much much easier. The missionaries just work hard, which makes me happy. The only problem is that most of them have less than 6 months in the mission, so they lack a sense of how to work effectively. Little by little we will train them and get them working hard and effectively. We had a service project as a zone on friday, and it involved moving these giant boulders around. we got some ropes out and went to work, and we did some spartan yells and pretended we were the Spartans from 300 and it seemed to help us move the boulders and now the missionaries think they´re spartans. Whatever floats their boat haha.

Oh, one very unnormal thing that I just thought of happened last P-Day. We played soccer as a zone last week, and the sisters even participated. We were all having a good time until Sister Uriona somehow booted the ball over the 20 foot fence that surrounds the chapel (she was only like 10 feet from the wall, i dont know how got that much ariel velocity on that ball). It all seemed to happen in slow motion-- I was analizing the trajectory of the ball and thinking, that ball is going to go right through that 3rd story window. It DESTROYED the 3rd story window. The rest of the zone ran away, and Elder Coello and I looked at each other, laughed for a second, and then went to talk to the lady whose window we destroyed. She was chill about it, and we just have to pay for a new window. The chapel is in the sisters area, and Sister Uriona and Sister Perez went to talk to her also, and ended up teaching her the gospel and are now teaching her every couple of days. The Lord works in mysterious ways!

Love you all, have a good one!

Elder Matheson

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