Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy 2015

Happy New Years everyone!!! Hearing from everyone, sounds like you all had a great New Years and that it was the usual crazy stuff. I spent my New Years sleeping. That's right, for the world, it was New Year's Eve. For the missionaries, it was a Wednesday, so we went to bed at 1030, woke up briefly at midnight for the sky to explode, and then went back to bed. New Years day, President wanted us to meet together as a zone to read 90 scriptures from the Book of Mormon that he selected. That took all of the morning and a good chunk of the afternoon too, and then afterwards we enjoyed a lunch together as a zone at Papa John's. Not a bad day! Elder Larsen and I planned out the entire month between when we get home and when we go back to school. Should be a pretty busy month if everything we want to do gets done haha. 

As far as the work here goes, we have so many investigators that are SO CLOSE to baptism, but just havent quite made the leap yet. We're working with a family of 4 that is unbelievably prepared. Senovia and Roberto, and their two kids Roberto and Camila. We taught them lesson 1, and had just got done explaining the first vision and how through the example of Joseph Smith, we learn how to receive answers to our prayers. Then Senovia told us that she too had the question of which church was correct. She told us that all the different people who knock on doors (there's a TON of Jehovia's Witnesses here) all tell her different things, but that one of them has to be right. So she decideded pray about it. She said that night she had a dream in which a man dressed in white told her that the next day she would get here answer. So the next day she was on a bus, and Elder Dayley and Figueroa, the other elders in our ward, got on the bus. Elder Dayley told me that as soon as he saw her, he felt like he needed to talk to her, and Senovia told us that as soon as she saw Elder Dayley she knew that he was the answer to her prayers. So they're solid--but not married. But they are willing to do it so we're working with them!

We're also working with this elderly couple, Eladio and Lucia. They've been living together for 28 years, and arent married either. Eladio is also technically married to someone else but havent seen each other for 40 years. Once again, they're willing to get married to get baptized, so we're working super hard with the ward to get things set for them.

Pray for our investigators!! They need help haha. Hope everyone has a great week, love you all!

Elder Matheson


with Elder Ramierz

on a bus...

Mount Misti

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