Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Last week of transfers

Hey everyone! This was kind of a roller coaster week. I got randomly sick again- terrible head ache and a really bad fever. but, that wasnt going to stop me, so we went and worked. and we didnt really have a whole lot of success this week. we have one investigator named Alexandra who was a sure baptism for this coming week, but we went to talk to her yesterday and now she isnt so sure if she wants to get baptized. Stupid Satan, get out of here! We're just gonna work with her and get her baptized whether she likes it or not! Haha JK. 

Ok, so that was the kind of crappy part of the week, the awesome part was that we had a baptism! A surprise baptism! We were sitting in our room at the end of the day and we got a call from the Bishop and he was like, Abel is going to get baptized this week. Abel is this kid who has gone to church forever but has never wanted to get baptized or really take the missionary discussions either, so I dont really know him that well. But his best friend Celso just got back from a mission and he finally prayed and decided that he needed to get baptized. So that was awsesome, to really have a baptism without putting in much work haha. The other awesome thing was watching Rodolfo give the priesthood to Abel, and then Guido. It was a "proud parent" moment haha. I think I kind of understand how that feels now. So all in all, not a terrible week, just one filled with highs and lows. But that's pretty normal.

Last week of the transfer! I've been here for 3 transfers now so this could be my time to leave Chachani. I honestly have no idea, but it is a possibility. I dont want to leave right now though.. 

Love you guys! Keep on writing!
Elder Matheson

Pday with Elder Larsen

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