Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Almost transfers

So, two more weeks until transfers! I have this feeling that I'm going to be leaving Chachani this transfer. I dont want to leave, because I've really grown to love the area, the people, the ward, my pension, everything. Our pension told her kids the other day that the Elders are their brothers and that we are a big family. And its kind of true, we eat 3 meals a day together and Sunday the entire family, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, the whole shabang, gets together to eat Sunday lunch, and I feel part of the family and they treat us like family too. It's interesting, our pensions parents, who we rent a room from, are not members of the church (they are VERY devout Adventists) yet they always tell us that we deserve the best they have to offer because we are sevants of the Lord. And then we have Jorge and Vanessa in the ward, we go there when we're hungry because they always feed us haha, and they are also awesome and love the missionaries and we love them. We went there this week and Jorge was super excited because his dream finally came true and he was able to buy a machine that makes plastic bags. I guess that's his job, and he says he can finally work from home and spend more time with his family and have more time to devote to his calling. Golden converts!

So this was a pretty normal week, nothing super exciting. Our investigators are progressing, but progressing pretty slowly. We are teaching this girl named Alexandra, who we contacted a few weeks ago, and she's been to church the last 2 weeks and is loving it. She's 14 and the other young women in the ward have taken her in as their own and she is loving it. As of yesterday she was going to wake up at 530 this morning to go play soccer at the chapel. She has a baptism date for the next saturday so be praying for us! 

So something super funny happened this week. This drunk guy stopped us on the street (not that unusual, the drunks love the gringos) and told us that we wanted to buy us a soda (not that unusual either), so we were like yeah, sure, no problem. So we went to the corner tienda to get our soda and lo and behold, our drunk friend had no money. He was trying to pay with his credit card, and that doesnt work here haha. The lady in the store kept telling him, look, you need money to pay. But he just kept saying, no its ok, I'm paying! Then he looked up to the sky and said, Help me God! Then looked the lady in the tienda in face and said, I'm paying now. He still had no money haha. So he told us to stay there, ran (as well as plastered Peruvian can) to his house and came back with the money and paid. He asked me if he could pay with Soles where I come from, so I told him I was from Antarctica and that we pay with snow. Should give him something to think about this week. I cant really do the story justice, but you get the point haha.

Hope everyone has a great week! Love you!

Elder Matheson

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