Friday, June 12, 2015


So the big news this week is that we had transfers. Elder Nelson, my dear little gringito, is leaving me to go to ILO with one of my best friends from my MTC group, Elder Moll. I am sad to see him go, but I know Elder Moll (we were in the same zone for 4 transfers) and Elder Nelson is in very good hands. My new companion will arrive later today, so I dont know him, but his name is Elder Cerezo (sare- A- zo) and he is from Ecuador. So my short little stint with the Gringo comps has come to an end. He has 4 months in the mission, so I will once again be the senior companion and will continue being the district leader as well. Word is that Elder Cerezo was playing professional soccer in Ecuador before coming on the mission, so our Pdays will likely be spent playing soccer from here on out haha. I talked to his zone leader the other day and he said that Elder Cerezo works super hard and will likely be a great leader in the mission. If what they say is true, I am very happy to have such a companion. 
We ate cuy this week! We showed up to a birthday lunch of one of the kids in the branch who is leaving on a mission soon as been going out to proselyte with us and he fed us cuy. Delicious (see pictures sent to Mom). Really, it is quite tasty. The only other time I had had it was a few months ago, but it was oven cooked. This time it was golden fried, and wow, that makes all the difference. The skin turns into basically a giant potato chip haha. Super greasy, and here in Peru it is basically a felony to eat cuy with a fork and knife, so you just dive in and go to work. 
Well, a Risenmay family reunion classic has been growing in popularity among the missionaries here in Pedregal. Yes, you guessed it, we got the mission addicted to playing scum. We were playing the other day and I was the scum 12 games in a row. It was ridiculous. My highest card one of the rounds was a 10. Just bad news. Oh well, I came to preach the gospel not to play scum. 
have a great week everyone!
Elder Matheson
The missionaries of Pedegral

Happy Birthday Elder Nelson!

"The ugliest dog ever" - says Elder Matheson

Crispy Fried Cuy (guinea pig) - Yum!

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