Sunday, June 28, 2015

The work goes on

So we are right in the thick of another transfer, and the time just continues to fly by. I was thinking the other day, holy cow, 2015 is almost half over!!! It literally seems like the other day that i was dodging fireworks for New Years in Chachani, and now its almost 4th of July (that probably wont be a widely celebrated holiday here). So right now, La Copa America (its like the world cup but only the South American teams) is in full swing. Let me just tell you guys right now, when Peru is playing, the country SHUTS DOWN. They played Brazil yesterday and from 4-6 there was not a soul in sight in the streets. We needed to catch a bus to get to our next appointment and had to wait for like 30 minutes because even the busses shut down to watch the game. The only bus we found had a TV atenna strapped to the top with a TV inside so all the passengers could watch the game too. Unfortunately, Peru lost a heartbreaker to Brazil and everyone was drowning their sorrows in their beer yesterday. Although I think win or lose, the beer would have been brought out haha.
Our investigators are progressing really well. Alex is without work right now so their wedding will once again be postponed, but he really wants to get baptized as soon as possible. He told us "Elders, I regret so much not getting married when I had the chance. I didnt understand why it was important, but I regret not doing it more than anything right now." We are hoping they can get baptized for july. We still have 3 for the 27th though. Jose Abanto, our 72 guy who cant walk without crutches, is super excited for his baptism. The other 2 are Jose Flores, and the other is named Bryan. They are awesome too.
Nothing super weird that i ate this week, just a little fried liver. The weather is always a firery inferno in the morning and afternoon, but them the sun goes down and it gets pretty chilly at nigh. I havent seen a cloud in over a month. The stars here are pretty incredible though!
have a great week!
Elder Matheson

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