Sunday, June 28, 2015


So, a few things from this week. yesterday was the Trujillo temple dedication, and we all packed up and drove an hour to Camana to the nearest church building with a satelite, because our church doesnt have one. I had never been to a dedication before, so i really didnt know what to expect, but it was really awesome! Pres Uchdorf and Elder Bednar came, and it was all super spiritual. Pres Uchtdorf even tried speaking spanish and it was actually really sweet, at the end of his talk he bore his testimony in spanish and started to cry. His spanish isnt very good. But he gets props for trying! 

I found a copy of Ab Ripper X, so my comp and I have been destroying our abs every morning. It hurts, but man it feels good. Brings back some good memories of doing Plyo X and getting my butt kicked by the guy with one leg (remember that guy?). Anyways, the goal is to be ripped when I come home. 

"And it came to pass that Elder Matheson and Elder Cerezo beheld the filthiness of their room, and, according the the commandments of the zone leaders, went in unto the room for to clean it. And it came to pass that they cast lots concerning as to the one who should clean the bathroom, and behold, the lot fell upon Elder Matheson. And it came to pass that they labored and toiled for the space of 3 hours, and beheld the workmanship of their hands, that it was exceedingly fine. And behold, zone leader went also in unto the room of Elder Matheson and Elder Cerezo, and were exceedingly glad. And thus we see that the cleanliness of the room and the spirit of the Lord go hand in hand for the benefit of the missionaries." (Matheson 3:5) 

We will have 2 baptisms this week, they have been interviewed and found worthy to be baptized, so unless something really bad happens, next week there will be baptism photos! Thanks for all the love and support!
Elder Matheson

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