Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Late changes, 4/27

Well i will start with the big news of the week! i showed up to district meeting on tuesday, and the zone leaders called me aside and said, we just got off the phone with President, you are the new district leader. So, I am now the district leader. there are 10 missionaries in my district, and my new calling is kind of stressful sometimes. but, it has been a great learning experience so far, since I think other than my companion i am the misisonary with the least amount of time in my district, and now i am expected to lead and train them. part of being the district leader is I have to give a 2 hour class every tuesday to the missionaries in my district. 

our investigators are progressing super well right now. we should be having 5 baptisms and 2 weddings in the coming month and the zone is super ready to work hard for this coming transfer. I dont really have a lot to say this week, other than the district leader thing, it has been a pretty normal week. i read an article from Tad R Callister that was talking about integrity. according to him, integrity is the foundation for all other Christlike attributes that we can develope. I started thinking about that a while, and it so true. And as leaders, we have to have integrity and develope Christlike attributes to be able to what we need to do.

Sorry this is a crappy letter, dont really have much to say today. And the internet cafe we are using today is super sketchy and the other missionaries here told us not to put our USBs in the computeres for any reason, so there will be no pictures today :(

Elder matheson

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