Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hitchhiking - Round 2

Hey all, this was a pretty good week for Elder Nelson and I, though I am still getting used to being the District Leader and all the stuff I have to do. I gave my first district class this week, and i think it went really well. I talked about the purpose of missionary work and what the driving force behind it should be. I used the story of the 3 18-year old pioneers who carried the people across the frozen river to explain the Atonement and what Christ did for us, then discussed what Christ's motivating force to accomplish the Atonement was. Obviously, it was love. In Corinthians 13, we learn that if we dont have charity, no amount of good works we ever do will ever bring us personal benefit. It is the same in missionary work, and in any calling we have in the church. If we surrnender our will, desires, and dreams over to the Lord, it is then and only then that we will gain anything personally. I will send home some of the talks I used to prepare it. 

So, we are still working hard to be able to get the paperwork ready for the marriages. Their marriage is set for 2 weeks from last friday, so we are really working against the clock here. It will happen! We have faith! And if doesnt happen in that day, it will happen the next week. The most important is that they get married and baptized. 

So as the title suggests, we had to do some more hitch-hiking. We ended up getting kind of lost walking to a hospital to visit one of our investigators whos baby is sick, and what we thought would be a 20 minute walk turned into a 90 minute walk, but we found the hospital!! And by the way, the security was a complete joke. We just walked in, asked where they were, and were allowed to go wherever we wanted to in the hospital haha. We came out of the hospital and there werent any busses, so we flagged down this semi truck and they guy took us back into town. We naturally contacted the guy and it turns out he is super cool and we have an appointment to teach him later this week haha. 

Love you all, talk to you sunday!
Elder Matheson

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