Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another change down, 4/20

Well, another change down, and I am starting to lose track of the weeks. Elder Nelson and I will continue to work hard and be obedient and I know that the blessings will follow. Our investigators are progressing well, and we should have 4 more baptisms here in the following weeks. Unfortunately, Arturo and Feliza have kind of fallen off the deep end. Satan is working so hard with them, and they have kind of given in. She has a lot of land, and in peru, they have to go to these meetings every Sunday morning to be able to keep them. If they dont go, its a huge fine. They have no money, so they cant pay the fine, and she feels like she cant sell them because they belong to her children. They havent gone to church lately, and are never at home so we cant visit them. 
Adolfo and Maria are progressing so well, and I am super excited for them. They understand everything we teach and already have such a strong testimony. They just need to get married now haha. 
We had a cool experience yesterday. Elder Nelson and I were making a cake in the pension and in the middle of making the cake I had this impression that we needed to leave to go and look for someone. I didnt know who or why i felt like we should leave, and we were in the middle of making the batter, so I told myself, we´ll finish the cake and go after. The feeling didnt go away, so I told my comp, hey we need to leave. He didnt fight it, so we put a bag over our cake stuff and left, not really knowing what we were supposed to do. We decided to start with this lady we have been teaching. She was walking out the door when we got there and didnt have time, so made an appointment to come back later. I still felt like we needed to do something, and I remembered that I was on splits with our district leader, Elder Chavez, and that we had contacted someone that lives close. We went to her house and knocked on the door, convinced her to let us in for 15 minutes. 15 minutes turned into an hour, and she is awesome. We have another appointment later this week, and we both felt good for listening to the spirit!
Have a good week!
Elder Matheson

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