Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I ate what this week?!

Well, February is here already! It seems like just yesterday I was calling home, but that was over a month ago. Time is rolling along, but I still have a lot of time left, which at first made me sad, but now i'm just grateful for the time I have to serve the Lord here in Peru. I had some doubts about staying here because the area was starting to get really slow, but this week we found a bunch of new people to teach, old investigators that werent progressing have started to progress again, and the Lord has humbled me and is showing me who is really in charge here. 

So, I ate something kind of interesting this week. My pension told me it was "mata-gringo" which means gringo killer. She says she serves it from time to time, and everytime she serves it to the gringo missionaries they get super sick for like 3 days or so. But she said, "you need to try it now so that you know if it makes you sick or not." Bring it on. Basically what it is is boiled cow stomach and potatoes served over rice. I finished the whole bowl of the nasty crap. It was like cow stomach gum, with a lovely grassy after taste. It has been 3 days and I feel great! (thank you Risenmay genes). But then the next day she served us papa rellena, which is a potato stuffed with meat and cheese, so all was well. 

So, I've been reading the New Testament this week. I dont know it that well, and with so many Catholic investigatos, it would be nice to be able to teach more with the Bible. It is so good! Literally every verse is just filled with doctrine. Tad R Callister and the Sunday school presidency recently said that if we study the New Testament this year, we will become more like Our Saviour. As someone who is trying to represent Him, that's not a bad idea right?

Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Matheson

Cold and Rainy this week in Arequipa

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