Wednesday, February 25, 2015

6 months!!! I might need a life jacket!!!

First of all, happy 6 months to me! Cant believe that it has already been that long in the mission. I know I have a lot of time left, but it feels nice to know that I am not super super new anymore. But, as good as it feels to have 6 months under my belt, I looked at this brand new hermana missionary in my zone who has been away from her house for like 3 weeks, and realized that she would still go home before I do. And that was a depressing thought. Elder Larsen and I celebrated the 6 month mark just like all good missionaries should, by burning some ties that Elder Perez left. It was a good day!

Elder Ramirez and I continue to work hard. This transfer is half over, and I'm scrambling to try and get these people that we're working with baptized just in case I leave in 3 weeks. I'm just trying to work hard and not think about transfers! Because I know that the more I want to leave, the longer I will stay, that's just the way things work haha.

So we had stake conference this week, and an Area Seventy came to visit, and he gave some great talks in the Priesthood meeting and also the general session. The church is so weak here. We have 3000 members in the stake, and 700 are active. In our ward, there are 800 members on the records, but only about 150-200 come to church. Out of the people who are baptized, only 15-20% will stay active. It's depressing, but everyone has there own agency and we have to let them choose. 

It has been raining raining raining. Yesterday there was so much rain that a river was formed in the street. Some idiot in a taxi thought he could drive through and he and his car were swept off a cliff. My shoes are also wet and have been for like a week, and that is not so fun. 

Sorry, no crazy food stories this week. Just a lot of rice and a lot of chicken. Normal stuff. Not really a week of highs or lows either. Just a week of working haha. I got my package this week! Awesome, loved it. We had some extra time after lunch a few days ago, so I built my lego cat (finally had time), munched on some animal crackers, and played with my coloring books. Love you all, hope you all have a great week! 

Elder Matheson

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