Monday, October 27, 2014

Arm wrestling for church/Week 11

Alright here it is guys. This week was kinda interesting. Definitely a week of ups and downs. My companion got hit with a case of terrible terrible depression and was physically unable to leave his bed for a few days. Which was super frustrating because we had lessons with people that we couldnt go teach and you can only watch Josepsh Smith, prophet of the restoration so many times before you´ve memorized every line haha. Yeah, my comp had a pretty bad week. But, despite all of this (he´s doing better now), we still were able to commit 2 people to baptism for next week and we might have a third. We were supposed to have one this last saturday, but I guess he wanted to wait for his mom to be in town next week or something like that (what a chump lol) so his baptism is next sunday. Because we had to stay home for a good portion of this week, it was a rough one. But.. things will get better! I've been kind of thrown into a tough situation with my comp and this area, but i'm just putting my head down and taking what comes and trying my best to love it. 

Funny story of the week: yesterday we went to try and talk to this less active member and we actually found him, which was super surprising because we've tried to find this guy a number of times and he's never home. He's a bigger guy and he's pretty funny, and after talking to him for a while, he looked at me and was like, "ok, we're going to arm wrestle, and if I win, I'm not coming to church for 3 months, but if you win, i'll go to church this sunday." he will be going to church this sunday with a very sore arm. We also found a couple new investigators this week too.

This week is Halloween, and it is a very big deal here apparantly. People love their halloween here haha. My comp is excited for it too for some reason. But all the little stores here are decked out for halloween and our pensionistas kids are ready to go with their homemade costumes too. Apparently they go nuts for X-mas here too, but the majority of the celebrating happens on the 24th. 

Transfers are this coming sunday, and I dont expect anything to happen to me and elder perez. Training lasts for 12 weeks, and usually they dont transfer trainers, but its definitely happened before and it could very well happen to Elder Perez. I dont know if i want a new comp or not haha. It would be nice to have an English speaking companion but that's probably not going to happen haha.

Anyways.. love all of you, hope you guys have a great week! keep it up with the letters too!

Elder Matheson 

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