Monday, November 10, 2014

Elder Matheson - aka Elder Wreck it Ralph

ONE TRANSFER DOWN. My goodness the time flies here in the mission field. Even though I'm not to the point in the mission when times flies haha. Well, this was probably the weirdest week I've had as a missionary. It started off this P-Day with us going to the institute building and playing ping pong and soccer and what not, which I know sounds awesome but it turned out to be the worst day I've had here. My comp and his ex-comp, who are both super disobedient at times, decided to leave writing time an hour early to eat Papa Johns with a female member in the area. I knew they were going together, they've done it before with permission, but i had no idea they didn't get permission this time. Naturally, when the zone leaders found out after asking me where my comp was, they had to deal with the problem. My comp was not happy. I went and tried to talk to him, saying that I was trying to be a tattle tale or anything, but that he cant keep doing things that are against the rules that I dont know about. He handed me the keys, tolded me he was never talking to me again, and then told me I was going to have to do everything from here on out. Later in the day he told me hated me, and re-emphasized that he was never talking to me again. Long story short, president was involved, we had a whole intervention and everything. The day ended with him telling me he was angry with the zone leaders, not me, and that he was sorry and vowed to be perfectly obedient for the rest of his mission. I was so happy! And so was he for the next few days, but then friday he slept in until 11 so there's that. He's going to be my companion for the next 6 weeks too. Pray for us! 

So both of our baptisms fell through this week. Miriam doesnt want to get baptized because she doesnt have a lot of friends in the ward, but she also doesnt go to church so thats great haha. And Nelson's mom still hasnt come but promised to come friday so hopefully we'll finally get our baptism this week. It's been hard working in this area, but maybe the Lord is trying to show us that there are other ways to have success here in the mission. Maybe we need to work more with the ward or something, because these last few weeks have been a struggle. We contacted over 50 people this week and only have one or two people who want to meet with us. Frustrating, but I'm glad I'm getting all this yucky stuff out of the way at the start of my mission haha.

Yesterday we got a call to go help someone with a service project, and we thought we'd be doing something pretty mundane because it was a Sunday. WRONG. we showed up and they handed us a sledge hammer and chisel and we got to work cutting stone. We literally destroyed a house yesterday. I felt like Wreck it Ralph haha. Also, I read "the consecrated missionary" by Tad R Callister this week. Amazing, puts a whole new perspective on missionary work. 

As far as weird things I've eaten, the only thing is chuno, which is rotten potatoes. Not as bad as everyone says, put enough salt on them and they're not half bad. The mail strike has ended, and i'm hoping my stuff gets here soon! A typical PDay here goes something like this: we write from 10-12, eat lunch, and then usually do something as a zone. We havent done the same thing twice either. And the bunkbed is holding firm! 

Love you all, thanks for the letters and support. 

Elder Matheson 

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