Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 14

Hey everyone! Kind of an interesting week here in Chachani. Things are FINALLY starting to pick up with the investigators here. We now have 10 progressing investigators, and 7 with a baptism date, and 6 of those are for the 29th. Of those 6, we think we can dunk 4 of them! A little run down on our investigators, Deyvis is one of our new investigators and he is a total stud. Before our first lesson with him we asked if he had questions for us and he said, yeah, what do I have to do to be baptized and go on a misison? Legit. We have a new investigator that the Hermanas were teaching but it turns out he lives in our area so they gave him to us and hes super ready to be baptized too. A little surprise, Jenny, one of our old investigators who moved away a few weeks ago showed up at church yesterday and told us she wants to be baptized and that she's moving back to our ward. The Lord really is putting people in our path to teach and baptize. 

I got to go on splits again with Elder Larsen this week, and we killed it. Placed 3 baptism dates and taught like 8 lessons. The Spanish wasnt half bad for us either. I had an interesting experience last night, we went to teach this reference from the ward and we started teaching and it was pretty obvious that this chick just wanted to Bible bash, and my companion and she were just arguing and it was kind of sad. I started to bear my testimony of how I knew Joseph Smith was a prophet and what not and she just starting laughing at me and Elder Perez, and this feeling of peace just came over me, like yeah, shes mocking us right now, but I know whats right and eventually she will too. What I'm doing is the right thing, and what other people think doesnt matter!

Well thats my week this week, hope everyone has a good one!

Much love,
Elder Matheson

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