Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baby llamas and Peruvian General Conference

Wow, what a week. Its been an interesting one for sure. We had a multi-zone conference with President Zobrist this week, and it was super awesome. He talked a bunch about Family History work and taking care of our new converts by teaching them all 5 lessons again after baptism and continuing to meet with them for at least 4 months after baptism. We havent had any baptisms so far, but when we do (i think we're getting close with a few), we'll defintely keep that in mind. We really only had one normal day this week because of general conference and all the meetings we had in the morning, and so we didnt get to teach a lot of lessons this week and most of our appointments fell through anyways. Super frustrating, but we met this new investigator named Silvia who is quite literally a golden investigator. We've met with her twice, and she just keeps telling us that she will do anything to have the happiness and joy that comes from the gospel. Yeah, she should be baptized as soon as she can get to church the required 3 times. We went to visit Paulina this week, and she was flat out drunk, to the point that she couldnt even remember her own name. Obviously we cant teach someone like that, so we had to leave and come back another time. So we went to see her last night and again, just wasted. That was probably the biggest dissapointment of the week, because she seemed so ready to hear the gospel, we just have to find a time when we can go when she isnt hammered. 

I got to go on splits with Elder Larsen this week, who, like me, is brand new in the mission field. So it was just me and him, wandering around Arequipa, trying to find our appointments and talk to people in VERY broken spanish. We had fun though, cuz he was one of my roommates in the CCM and in my district and what not, so it was nice to be able to speak English and catch up. We actually were able to teach a lesson that went surprisingly well. I guess the gift of tounges is real haha. 

This weekend was Peruvian General Conference because of the elections last week. All of us Gringos in our zone (theres 6 of us), went into the high council room and watched it in English with a bunch of snacks and drinks. It was kind of like our super bowl haha. All of the talks were super good! I really loved Elder Robbins talk, Elder Hollands, and the whole priesthood session was really good too. It seemed like all of the talks were directed right at me and our investigators. During the priesthood session, the power went out randomly and they had to fire up the generator and everyone missed most of the first talk, but everything worked out in the end. 

Mom, to answer your questions, the food is good. Mostly rice, some type of potato, and either chicken or fish. Most of the missionaries I've met actually havent had cuy (guinea pig) here because its a delicassy and super expensive. Definitley not going to be eating it in my area haha. I am actually sleeping on the top bunk, and its pretty sketchy. Nothing terrible has happened yet, which I'm grateful for, but keep me and Elder Perez in your prayers cuz if it falls at night, hes dead. The weather is super sunny all the time. Not even a hint of anything resembling rain here. We're also at like 9000 feet elevation so half the time i feel like i need an oxygen mask here haha. The shoes are working out great. Super comfortable, i'm hoping they last the whole time, but who knows. My pension has a family. Her husband, and her two little kids, who are super cute, but SUPER annoying too. They never leave us alone! 

Thanks for the letters this week! Things are getting better everyday, but there's obviously still highs and lows. Love you all!

Elder Matheson 

pics of a real baby llama and Peruvian Papa Johns

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