Sunday, May 8, 2016

4/2 Airplanes

Hey hey hey!

Another week down, and it was another busy one! I am here with my new comp, Elder Blanco, and it still hasnt set in that he will be my last comp. Last comp, last area... I'm not trunky I swear! (Mom and Dad, I KNOW that you guys are :)). Anyways, Elder Blanco is a total stud. I really do love the guy. He is probably the most humble, hardest working companion that I have had, maybe tied with Elder Evans. Since he's from Argentina, I was really hoping that he would have the same Argentine accent he had when I met him a year ago... but he's lost it and speaks like a Peruvian now haha. We get along great and I'm really excited for the last few months of my mission. Home stretch, time to give it my all! 

We started off the week picking up the new group of missionaries coming in (3 sisters, not a single elder...) and taking them to the temple site and eating lunch with them and all that fun stuff. We shipped them off to their areas, and then we and President and Sister Zobrist headed to the airport to catch a flight to Tacna. We were there from Tuesday to Thursday doing interviews (we do interviews once every 3 months). These will be the last interviews that President Zobrist does before going home. The next time we do interviews it will be July, and we will be with the new MP. President had us interview every single companionship as well to see how they are doing with obedience and their area book. It was actually a really cool experience! We felt the spirit really strongly, and honestly, most of the missionaries are doing really well. We really dont have obedience problems here in our mission. Little things here or there, but nothing big. We got back to Arequipa on Thursday, and then continued with the interviews yesterday. Next week we have more interviews and we also have the Mission Leadership Conference. Should be another busy week. 

Our area... well, when we arent in our area for weeks at a time it struggles, but we have a great ward that always helps and supports us so we cant get away with it. We were able to teach 4 lessons yesterday which was awesome. We are helping Maria Fernanda do her family history and send a name to the temple. Speaking of which, yesterday I was on my familysearch account and found a distant ancestor who still needs their work done, so I reserved it and will do it 4 months from now. Cool, right? 

Anyways, we had a good week, hope you all had a good one too! Cuidense y disfruten la conferencia! 

Elder Matheson

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