Sunday, May 8, 2016

3/26 I Have No Companion

Well... as the title of the email says, I am companion-less right now. Elder Orbegzo went home yesterday :( I am really going to miss the kid, he really has been one of my favorite companions in the mish. He's really just a good guy. It was hard to say goodbye. It was actually kind of weird week because he was going home and we had a bunch of despedidas and what not. Thursday night was the farewell meeting, and it was actually really sad, hearing all the missionaries bearing their final testimonies. It made me think that that moment for me is coming soon. Not too soon... but soon. Makes me motivated to work even harder. Elder Blanco, my new companion, gets here tomorrow from Camana, and then Tuesday we head right back out to Tacna with President for interviews. We have to pick up the new missionaries next week as well, and then general conference, and then the next week is mission leadership council. Busy few weeks, we're going to throw Blanco right in the thick of things haha. 

So, the good news, Maria Fernanda was baptized yesterday!!!! It was kind of miracle. There was a bunch of stuff that happened and we thought it wasnt going to happen, like for example, she got kidnapped on her way home from work the other day. She showed up at her house the next day, and I guess the people that grabbed her miraclulously let her go and she was able to make it back to her house. Really a miracle. There were a lot of prayers offered in her behalf that day. Her baptismal service went super well, and Elder Orbegozo literally baptized her, went to lunch, then got on a plane home. That is how I want to end my mission too. And, I think it would be super cool to have all of you guys there for my last baptism :)

It was a busy week, being the week of transfers. I have had to do most everything by myself, but it has been such a cool experience. I can testify that the transfers come from heaven. No doubt in my mind about that. There are just way to many complications and things to decide for it to be chance. And after helping President Zobrist this whole transfer, and feeling how much he worried about the missionaries and their welfare, my testimony of priesthood keys has been strengthened a bunch. The Lord guides his leaders! 

Thank you for your love and prayers in my behalf. You guys are the best!

Have a great week!

Elder Matheson

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