Friday, February 12, 2016


Well, based on the title, you can tell how this week went. CRAZY. Elder Evans and I finished off our last week together strong, just working like always. Eduardo and Joanna... well, they want to get married but they dont want to do it until they pay off the debts, or in other words, until next year. We´re sad that they arent going to progress as fast as we wanted them too, but they are still really cool and want to keep going to church and meeting with the missionaries, so we´ll keep supporting them and helping them progress. I think that one day they will just realize how important it is and then just do it. Other than that, our week with Elder Evans was pretty normal. Nothing really out of the ordinary... until the transfers came.

So there we were, Saturday morning, studying and getting ready for the day, when the assistants called and told us that they sent the changes in paper form and that we could go pick them up and look at them to be able to buy bus tickets for the people who are leaving. Usually they call Saturday night and just tell us, so this was all pretty new for us. Well, we go and get the envelope with all the changes, and then we starting heading to the bank to take out money for the reimbursements and decide to open up the transfers in the taxi. And... I am no longer in Moquegua. I opened up the changes, and right there, in big letters next to my name: ELDER MATHESON- AP. Holy cow... I feel very unqualified to be the new assistant. I really did not see it coming at all. Sunday after church (which went very well by the way, almost everyone came on time, even the investigators) I headed off to Arequipa to go to the office. I am writing this right now from our laptop we have in our air conditioned office in downtown Arequipa. This is going to be super weird. One big change... our Pdays here in the office arent Monday, they are Saturday. So if you want to write me, you gotta do it a few days earlier. 

We have a really full week. Today we have to train the missionaries that are going to be training this change, then tomorrow in the morning we have to go pick up the new missionaries and then train them, and then we have leadership council, where we have to to train the zone leaders (that will last 2 days), and then I have no idea what is going to happen for the rest of the week, but this change we are doing zone conferences, and we have a member of the Seventy coming to visit the mission. Long story short, this is going to be very busy. I feel a little overwhelmed, but I know that I will be strengthened as I do my best.

Well, thanks for everything! Have a great week!

Elder Matheson

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