Thursday, February 4, 2016

1/25/16 Missionary Broadcast

Hello all!

Well, just to start off, the cat is doing well. Seems to have forgotten that he is rather "bound" and is doing his normal cat things. He is a little lazier now, doesnt want to play as much, but then again, I wouldnt either. In any case, the damage done has reached the point where it cant be undone for the little gatito. 

To start off, this week we had a worldwide broadcast for missionaries and mission presidents. The speakers all came from the missionary department (AKA all of Grandma and Grandpa´s friends) such as Elder Bednar, Elder Andersen, Elder Oaks, other members of the Seventy. It was the first one they had done in over 10 years so I feel blessed to have been part of it. It was cool to think that as I was watching it live in Peru, Grandma and Grandpa were there watching it too. All the missionaries in the whole world receiving the same instruction. They spoke of getting back to the basics. They basically taught all the fundamentals outlined in the training booklet "The First 12 Weeks" (the handbook that the new missionaries and their trainers use). President Zobrist has been encouraging all of the missionaries to use it now for last few months, and it really is a blessing to step back and go back to the basics and think about all the things we really need to do better. If we cant do the fundamentals, we can never be extraordinary missionaries. Elder Andersen taught that we should always be prepapred to give testimony of the Savior. I have been trying to do that more. Sometimes as missionaries we get so caught up in teaching a certain principle or lesson that we forget that we need to testify and teach the doctine of Christ-faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. We have seen a lot of results, and just an increase in the spirituality of the lessons we do teach. The church is just so true!

In our area, we are seeing more progress with Eduardo and Joanna. As part of the Plan of Salvation, we also taught them the law of chastity and they understood is so well, and committed to being married. We dont have an exact date for them yet for a marriage, but we are going to try and work so that it happenes next month. They are reading and praying and they have both expressed that they feel that what we teach is true. They feel the spirit when they read the Book of Mormon, and they went to church again yesterday. They now know most of the ward council, and the members have been awesome in helping us with them. They really are some of the most prepared people I have taught in my mission. Keep praying for them! 

This week we have interviews with President Zobrist. We are going to be traveling to Ilo twice this week (blahhhh) and so it could be a slow week in our area. We are just going to be working when we can. Thanks for the love and support you give, have great week!

Elder Matheson

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