Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Hey everyone! 

I guess I'll start with the big news of the week-- transfers. We got the call saturday night, Elder Perez is leaving for Camana and my new companion, Elder Ramirez, will be coming later today to our area. I havent met him yet, but from what others have told me he's really quiet and doesnt like to talk a whole lot, so I might have to kind of lead all the lessons and initiate all the contacting and what not-- pretty much the exact opposite of Elder Perez. It'll be an interesting transition for me for sure, because I'm not really used to all that stuff, but... so it is in the mission! So I'll let you guys know how all of that goes this week.

So this was a pretty depressing week for the work here. We finally got the birth certificates for Guido and Berlamina from the Cusco mission.. but they werent the right ones. We're scrambling to try and find a way to get these brith certificates as fast as possible because we're really pressed for time t get them married the 26th, and they're letting all the family know about the marriage so we're kind of freaking out. All of our important progressing investigators didnt show up for their appointments or werent there when we went, but there are weeks like that in the mission and I'm confident that the next week will be better!

Well guys, wish me luck with transfers this week, pray for me and Elder Ramirez! Love you guys!

Elder Matheson 

elder perez with the skittles we sent him 
Derek's zone

scripture case that derek had made

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