Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey peeps! 

So this was a pretty good week! We had 2 baptisms, and the one that didnt happen this week should happen withing the next week or 2. Rodolfo and Jenny were baptized and I was able to perform the ordinance for Rodolfo, which was a really cool expierence. Literally. The water heater for the font wasnt working so the water was freezing. Like numbingly cold. I'm glad I was only waste deep haha. There was actually one little girl from the ward who was also supposed to be baptized, but she didnt go down all the way so they had to do it again and she couldnt do it because it was too cold. So it will have to be another week for her. But the service went great and they're both super excited to be members of the Lords church. 

Thanksgiving was this week! I really didnt realize that it was Thanksgiving until that night when I looked at our calender and realized it was Thursday. I was able to spend Thanksgiving with Elder Larsen because we were on divisions again, and it was actually super nice to spend an American holiday with another American. We talked until like 1130 at night on the roof of our building overlooking Arequipa and all the lights of the city. We had rice and what I think was a chicken hamburger patty for dinner. I was expecting turkey and potatoes with gravy so I was a little disappointed haha.

So we're teaching a new family right now that isnt married. Guido and Berlamina, with their 8 year old son Johan and their 7 year old son Jhon. We went yesterday to teach them with our Relief Society President and she was awesome. They have all the desire in the world to get married and join the church and set a date for the 27th of December for their baptism and marriage. She took down ALL of the necessary information and told us she was going to take care of it. To get married in Peru, you need a birth ceritficate, obviously. But they dont have digital copies of them here and so to get your birth ceritficate you have to go to the city were you were born to request it. Luckily, we have someone who works for the mission whose job is to hunt down these forms, but still. Just another way Satan is working to slow down the work here.

So, that was my week this week! Emma, happy super late birthday! Theres an Elder her from Utah who finishes this transfer and I'm going to send some stuff home with him to send to you guys for all the birthdays and what not that are coming up, so look for that in the mail. Love you guys, have a great week! 

Elder Matheson

PS: cant belive its already december!!!!!

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