Wednesday, September 30, 2015

9/14 Baptisms and Catholic Parties

Buenos dias a todos! Esta semana nos ha ido muy bien! Espero que todos estén bien y que hayan tenido una buena semana también. 

Haha enough Spanish, we had a good week, and we had our baptism! Gissel got baptized, showed up early for church, and was confirmed. Also, happy to hear that BYU has decided to become the comeback kids and win on last second hail mary passes every week. Also glad to hear that the Seahawks lost to the rams and that the Pack beat the bears in week one. I think I miss home a little bit more during football season. Only one more football season away from home..

Elder Coello and I were looking at the zone last week and were thinking, wow, we are really struggling with having investigators with a baptism date. We a goal with the zone that every companionship would have 4 baptism dates, and that as a zone we would have 24. At the end of last week we had 6, and as of yesterday we have 22, and went from being the zone with the least baptism dates to the zone with the most. Our goal is to have 30 by the end of this week. 

We are just working hard for the last few weeks with Elder Coello. This transfer is half over, so Elder Coello only has 3 weeks left in his mission. Its a little sad, but he is working hard and enduring to the end. It reminds me of what Grandma told me before I left: sprint to the finish. Thats is what I try to do everyday. Sprint to the finish. Knock one more dore at 9:29 at night, talk to one more person, teach one more lesson. its the only way to be happy in the mission!

Thanks to everyone for your support and prayers, have a good week!

Elder Matheson 

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