Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Hey, what a week here in Pedregal! Getting used to the area is kind of interesting for sure. This area has its own unique challenges and difficulties, but i already love it here. there are 6 missionaries in this little branch (4 elders and 2 sisters) and we all share a pension and live on the same street. it really is super awesome to see the other missionaries so much, and they are all awesome. Most of the missionaries in our zone are gringos. Of the 16, only 6 are latinos. This zone is huge too. some of the missionaries have to travel like 2 and half hours to get to any zone meeting. We actually get extra money in this zone because we have so many travel expenses. 

My new comp is American, Elder Nelson, and he just finished his training. we get along just fine, no problems with that. he is kinda quiet, and super smart. we call him google because he knows just about everything haha. he knows pretty much zero spanish though. so i have teach pretty much all the lessons and contact all the people and what not. its tough at times, but i am learning so much and realizing that my spanish is actually a lot better than i thought it was. 

we are working super hard to find new people, and the people we have found are awesome. we had one guy just show up to church with a friend, and after the meetings told us, i like this church, and I havent been baptized, can i get baptized in your church? why yes, yes you can. Give us a few weeks to teach the kid and he'll get baptized haha. 

we have been waking up everyday at 545 to go to the gym, and it feels awesome. and its super hot here so i might lose a lot more weight here...

keep us in your prayers! love you all!
Elder Matheson

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