Sunday, January 17, 2016

1/4 Happy New Year!!

So 2015 went by pretty fast! I still remember really distinctly last New Years, and yet here we are again. 2015 was the calender year in which the entire year I will be in the mission field. Well, now its over! We are here in 2016, and that means we have arrived to the year in which I go home. I feel very old haha. I still remember Grandma´s advice to me before I left: sprint until the end. I really don’t want to waste any time here in the mission. As I have gained more experience, I have really realized the value of taken advantage of our time. We have to be effecient and work hard! So this year of 2016, I will work hard and do what I´m supposed to do!

We had a number of really cool things happen this week. Vicky, Eduardo, and Milagros continue to progress. They have had a number of problems in their relationship lately, but we went and really kind of burned them pretty hard with the scriptures becuase they started arguing in front of us and in front of their kids when we were there, and I basically laid down the law with Moroni 7 and then my comp came in with 1 John 4 and they shut up pretty good. We told them they needed to talk it out and make goals to improve their relationship and we came back the next day and thay had done that, and havent had any problems since. We told them it is better to happy than right. 

We also found a really cool family this week that we have now taught twice. Dangalo and Marta and their 3 kids Angel, Antony, and Adys. Angel is 12, Antony is 15, and Adys is 6. They really are a really cool family (their 15 year old son is kind of a punk though). We taught them the Restoration Saturday night and everyone but Dangelo came to church yesterday, becuase he already had commited to going to work. He told us that next Sunday he would be there. 

So yesterday I got a call from one of our converts in Chachani, Janet. She was baptized last February and I really haven’t heard much from her since then. Well, she called me yesterday and told me THAT SHE HAS HER MISSION CALL!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow, she hasnt even completed a year as a member and already has her mission call! And she’s going to Spain. When we get news like that as missionaries, it really just validates all of our hard work that we do. I now have 2 people that we have baptized on missions, and one of the less actives that we taught is also on a mission. Super cool stuff. 

Well guys, thanks for everything! Have a great week and a great 2016!

Elder Matheson

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