Friday, September 5, 2014

Birthday Hat-Trick

Hey everyone!!! ok so this week has been kind of slow, nothing really
amazing has happened. it wasnt proselyting week, and once the new of
everything wears off here in the ccm, its pretty boring. although this
week has absolutely flown by. its true what they say, the days are
slow but the weeks are fast. ummm, so after laboring for the first two
weeks to try and score a goal in soccer, i was blessed with a birthday
hat-trick (thats 3 goals in a game mom), and scored 3 more over the
next week, so i guess the church is true after all. i'm sorry this
letter probably wont be as long as they usually are, but next weeks
will probably be better becuase we're going proslyting this week.
also, we're not allowed to send pictures in the ccm, but as soon as i
get to arequipa i'll send some. we're all obsessed with ping pong
here, we play it at every opportunity. it keeps us sane around here.
actually, anything to get our minds off of 12 hours of spanish classes
is awesome. soccer, ping pong, slug races, anything haha. so last
night we had a devotional and the area 70 here came and spoke, and of
course our headphones and translators didnt work so i had to do my
best to understand his spanish. i could acutally understand almost
everything he said and it was an awesome talk! probably my favorite
thing he said was that in this life and in missionary work, success
isnt free, and the price is hard work. i'll keep that in mind as time
continues on. also, if you get some time, look up elder hollands mtc
devotional from may 2014. one of the best talks you'll ever hear. we
listened to it on sunday and it seriously was incredible. look it up.
seriously. well mom, im sorry this email wasnt very long, but nothing
really all that exciting happens on a day to day basis here. crazy to
think im halfway done here in the ccm though! anyways, love you all,
have a good week, and thanks for the letters! --elder matheson

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